Welcome To The Table

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting to see my family, relaxing in front of the television watching some football, hunting with my son, and gorging myself on turkey. I love it all. But in reality, I probably like the Thanksgiving dinner the best. And it's not the food (although I could eat turkey throughout the year.) It's about sitting together with my siblings and parents around the table we grew up around. Gathered around that table at which five generations of my family have dined I am reminded of all the conversations that have taken place around that table. I can only imagine the meaningful discussions around that table after my uncles returned from WWII. I am sure the conversations were tense during the drought in the mid 1950s when no crops were produced on the farm for two entire years. And I can remember the laughter of nephews and nieces crawling under that table as they thought they were hiding from us all. There's just something about being gathered around a dinner table.

Jesus told a parable one day about a dinner table. He had been rightfuly accused of eating with sinners, tax collectors, and prostitutes. The religious leaders of his day had confronted him about his own sinful actions of eating with sinners. In this parable Jesus pointed out that all are welcomed at God's table. Sinners and saints, unrighteous and self-righteous, Gentile and Jew.

In this combined message with Pastor Nick from The Christ Experience, we will be taking a closer look at this parable and its claim on our own lives. I hope that you will be challenged to put into practice this parable. I pray you will take this chance to live out Jesus' parable in a very practical way.

Pastor Lesly

First Church