Bread Sharing: Welcoming the Stranger

I went to a restaurant a few weeks ago and the service was not good. In fact, it was so bad that I vowed to never go back. It wasn't the food, it was really good. The bathrooms were clean, the food was fair priced, and the restaurant facility was nice, but the wait staff and overall service was horrific. The bad service far outweighed the quality of the food and facility.

Sometimes, that's what people experience when they come to a church as well. The sermon may be fine, the facility may be beautiful, and the singing may be uplifting, but if the people are not welcoming or friendly it will ruin the entire experience for new guests.

We are continuing our sermon series on sharing our faith with others. Evangelism has simply been described as one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread. In this sermon we will be examining Jesus' words about welcoming the stranger. It's a lesson every Christian needs to hear and live out. We will hear some practical pieces of advice to become more welcoming to others, some steps we can take as a church to become more welcoming, and a personal challenge for you to welcome the stranger into your life so they can experience for themselves the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

First Church