Grit & Grace: Empowered to Be in Power

Throughout much of my life I have suffered from periods of self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Being the youngest of five children I grew up watching my older siblings succeed in things I found myself struggling with. I always felt my older siblings were smarter, more athletic, better looking, and more social than I was. And those feelings of inadequacy have followed me into adulthood. Fortunately, I've come to terms with my limitations and have seen how God can use even me. I think I am like most people. We all are quick to recognize our own failures and shortcomings. That is why the story of Esther is such a powerful witness of God's faithfulness in using everyone, even an obscure orphaned girl, a daughter of exiles, who is promoted to a position unlike any other in all of the world.

We will be continuing our sermon series on Women of the Bible as we examine the life of Esther. We will learn how God sees our limitations and even uses them for the good of others. You will be challenged to look deep inside your faith to see how God is calling you to use your inadequacies and failures to help others succeed and find their faith.

First Church