Grit & Grace: Temptation, Trouble & Triumph

We live in the era of the victim. It seems like everywhere we look victims are all around us. The need for safe spaces, emotional support peacocks on airplanes, and the censorship of thoughts and ideas on social media are all signs of this age of victimization. But there are some who indeed are victims in our world. That's why the story of David and Bathsheba is such a powerful witness of God's goodness and grace. I've studied the story many times, but not until recently have I studied the story from Bathsheba's perspective. She is victimized and powerless. She's sexually abused, her husband is killed, her child dies, and she is forced to live with the man who is behind it all. But God is in her story, just like God is in our stories.

We will be continuing our message series examining women of the Bible. In this message we will recount Bathsheba's tragic encounters with David, David's response, and Bathsheba's redemption by God. We will be challenged to see meaning in our suffering and how God is at work, even in the midst of our suffering.

First Church