Grit & Grace: When Faith Overcomes Fear

Life is about letting go of what God has entrusted to us. That’s the story of being a parent, but also the story of being a person of faith. Letting go of our children as they grow up is an important, yet difficult, lesson to learn. Sometimes it’s a difficult balancing act between giving our children guidance and allowing them to make decisions on their own, especially when we can foresee the mistakes they are about to make. But it’s not just about letting our children go. It’s about letting go of control in all areas of our life. It’s about giving up control to allow God to lead us and guide us. We will be concluding our series on Women of the Bible as we look at the story of Moses’ mother. You will be challenged to give up control in multiple areas of your life. We will see that to be truly faithful means to be fully yielding to God’s will.

First Church