Grit & Grace: Women of the Bible

Perseverant. Faithful. Prominent. Resourceful. Bold. Tenacious. Brave. These are words that describe the women of the Bible we will be examining in our current sermon series at First Church UMC. We are learning about women whose stories you may have never heard. Women like Huldah, Hagar, Esther, Bathsheba, and the mother of Moses. These astounding women lived in a culture that consigned them to hidden roles, but they have much to teach us. This sermon series will uncover the stories of these lesser-known characters of the Bible, revealing their faith and faithfulness even in the midst of great hardship and disappointment. We will see how God used and called women in ancient times and how God continues to use and call women in modern times. God needs all his children to do His work. So join us at First Church UMC as we examine Grit and Grace: Women of the Bible.

First Church