Grit & Grace: Faith and Adversity

Hagar's story is a dead-end story. It doesn't move along the grand saga of Abraham and his covenantal relationship with God. Hagar and her off-spring don't fit into the narrative of the chosen people of God. Hagar's story is not only dead-end, but her life seems dead-end too. She's a nobody. She is forced into slavery, oppressed, tormented, made to carry the baby of a 75 year old man, teased, and even kicked out into the wilderness to die. But God hears her cry. Hagar, the lowest of the low, a peasant girl with no power or rights was heard by God as she cried out. This poignant story is our story. It is the story of those who feel alone and forbidden, lost and in despair, forgotten and afraid. And it's the story of God's redeeming love with an offer to bring us freedom.

First Church