Renovations: Attitude

It's amazing how impactful our overall attitude is on our lives.  I had a friend once, I'll call him Dale, who was very gifted with lots of positive things going on in his life, but he had a sour attitude and it affected everything.  Dale's bad attitude kept him from enjoying his family, his financial success, his vocational achievements, and even his church.  His general outlook on life drove his lack of spirituality, and even kept him from experiencing what God had for him.

I find it fascinating that Paul makes a connection between our attitude, or our approach to life, with our relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I have it to ring true that one of the quickest ways to quench, or grieve, the Holy Spirit is to give into cynicism, a critical attitude, or our discouraging outlook on life.  The Holy Spirit either cannot or will not grow and thrive in a heart that is riddled with a bad attitude.

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