The First Songs of Christmas: Simeon's Song

Christmas. Even the word wells up nostalgia in me. The decorations, the lights, the sounds, the songs, the parties, the gifts, the food. In my childhood it was always a simple life growing up on the farm, but Christmas was different. Our house was always decorated with a live cedar Christmas tree, full of decorations and lights. We saw cousins and aunts and uncles we didn't normally get to see much. And our little local church's worship services were also very different. They took on a more formal feel. But there always seemed to be more joy during this season. The songs were merrier. The clothes were more colorful. The smiles were more heart-felt. It was always an amazing season for us.

But now that I'm an adult, my relationship with this season is a bit more complicated. The simplicity of the season has given way to chaos and busyness. Meetings, parties, decorations, gifts, food, travel. It's all so much. It's all so distracting. That's why worship this Sunday morning and Monday evening Christmas Eve is so important. Without focused time of worship during the last few days before Christmas the real message and meaning will be lost on us, no matter how many gifts we give or receive.

So I look forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday morning at 10:45 and Monday evening at 5:00. These worship experiences will help you, and the guests you bring with you, be reminded of the true meaning of this season. We will help you come into contact with the Savior whose birth we celebrate this season. May the days leading up to Christmas be filled with peace, blessing, and faith as we join together in worship at OKC First Church. Pastor Lesly

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