I have now surpassed middle age. Most of the men in my dad's family have lived into their late 80s. None have lived passed 91. So at 47 years old, my life is likely more than half over. And I must be honest. I thought I would've accomplished so much more by now. I thought I would have more money saved, more states in our country visited, more hobbies and interests, more books read, more areas of expertise. I really thought I would be farther along in my walk with Christ.

At the beginning of each year I try to sit down and take stock of my life. I like to look back on the previous year while peering ahead to the new year. And this year as I have surpassed middle age, I have begun to realize there's so much more I want out of my life. I have come to realize we only get one shot at this thing called life. Thankfully we get multiple chances throughout life, but there's only One.Life that we have been given, and this One.Life is far too precious to waste away with things that don't matter, don't make a lasting difference, or don't move us ahead in our walk with Christ.

We will begin a message series looking at this One.Life with which we have been entrusted. Throughout this series we will touch on the areas that make up our lives: knowledge, love, church, vocation, faith, and even sex. We will see that in each are of our lives God has so much more for us than what most of us are experiencing. We will be challenged to take chances, life boldly, and make the most out of this One.Life. I hope to see you this Sunday morning at OKC First Church at 10:45 as we join together in living this One.Life to the fullest. Pastor Lesly

First Church