Entry of the King

Entry of the King

I love the season of Lent.  It is an amazing time of introspection and intense spiritual renewal.  But one of my frustrations during Holy Week, the week before Easter, is that we typically zoom through that busy week without being able to focus on the details of that week.  On most Palm Sundays we try to fit in the celebration of Palm Sunday, a quick nod to the cleansing of the Temple, a note about Jesus’ healings and teachings, and a smattering of teaching about Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, all the while looking to Easter Sunday.  In fact, many of us will attend church on Palm Sunday, in which Jesus is hailed as king, skip the Holy Week services, and then come back to church on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection.  But The Last 7 Days of Jesus’ life entailed so much more drama, pain, teaching, and meaning than many of us ever experience.

More details are known about the last week of Jesus’ life than any other time in His life because the gospel writers focus so intently on it.  In fact, 1/3 of Matthew, 1/3 of Mark, 1/4 of Luke, and 1/2 of John is spent on the last seven days of Jesus’ life.  This tells us that what Jesus said, did, and experienced during that last week is important.  So, this Lent at First Church OKC we will be examining in depth “The Last 7 Days.”  We will focus closely on the events of Palm Sunday afternoon, his teachings on Monday, the healings He performed on Tuesday, the anointing He experienced on Wednesday, the Last Supper and arrest on Thursday, the trial, crucifixion, and death on Friday, and the resurrection on early Sunday morning.  We will be examining each of these events through the eyes of history, geography, and theology to find significant meaning for our lives during this season of Lent.  This Sunday we will be focusing our attention on Palm Sunday, Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We will look at the details behind this chaotic scene, the historical and religious background of the actions of the crowd and Jesus, and the lessons Palm Sunday teaches us. 

I hope to see each of you this Sunday at First Church OKC at 10:45 am for this exciting series on “The Last 7 Days.”

Pastor Lesly


First Church