Teachings on Holy Monday

Throughout the last week of Jesus’ life He stayed outside the city of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives and then returned into the city to teach in the Temple.  Jesus’ teachings during The Last 7 Days included multiple attempts by the religious leaders to trap Jesus. They posed some of the most difficult and pressing questions of the day, “By whose authority do you minister?” “Is it right to pay taxes to the evil Roman government?” “Is there an afterlife?”  In posing these questions they were not searching for the truth, but for an opportunity to trick Jesus so they could arrest Him to quiet Him and His disciples.

 But there are some important answers Jesus gave in response to their questions.  In this message we will be closely examining Jesus’ answers and what His answers teach us.  I hope you will join us this Sunday  at 10:45 am at First Church OKC as we study “The Last 7 Days” together. 

Pastor Lesly

First Church