A Leper, A Grateful Woman, And A Traitorous Friend

Matthew’s Gospel is the gospel with the most day to day detail of Jesus’ actions during his Last 7 Days.  So, it is from Matthew that we get the tradition of Wednesday of Holy Week being called “Spy Wednesday” for it was on this day that Judas conspired to hand Jesus over to the authorities for only 30 pieces of silver.  Likewise, it was on Wednesday that Jesus was anointed by Mary at the house of Simon the leper.  These three characters, Simon the leper, Mary, and Judas, show us three responses to the life and ministry of Jesus.  Each of their initial responses are adequate.  Simon, in his thankfulness of being healed of leprosy, invites the Lord to his house.  Mary, in her extravagant worship washes Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume.  Judas, in his supposed practicality wants to give money to the poor.  All three of these responses are valid, yet incomplete.

In this message we will see what about their responses made them incomplete.  We will continue to examine the Last 7 Days through the lenses of history, geography, and theology to see what important lessons of our faith we can learn from Spy Wednesday. 

Pastor Lesly

First Church