God is love.  I’ve heard that all of my life.  In fact, this phrase is the mantra of modern Christianity.  And it’s the truth.  The problem is that though many of us know it’s the truth, we still struggle to believe it and live into its reality.  In our heart of hearts many of us think God is authoritarian, critical, or distant and it creates problems in our relationships with God.  It makes us distrustful and apprehensive in our relationship with God.  It creates a casual faith.  It generates a diminished sense of God’s grace.  It produces fear and anxiety.  But the fact remains, God is love and this love is no more clearly seen than in Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son. 

In this parable, the primary emphasis is on the loving father, not the prodigal son.  It is the father’s actions that are the most surprising and life-transforming and it is the father’s actions that we will study together.

This Sunday at First Church we will be concluding our series entitled One.Life as we examine GodIsLove.Life.  We will see how surrendering to the sweet embrace of our loving God changes our lives, gives us purpose, and renews our spirits.  Join us this Sunday morning at First United Methodist Church OKC at 10:45 am for GodIsLove.Life.

Pastor Lesly

First Church