Trial & Crucifixion

The events of Good Friday are central to our faith.  In fact, I would say every single Christian knows, understands, and affirms what occurred on that last day of Jesus’ life.  Every Christian of every era has affirmed that the death of Jesus Christ was salvific and that His death was an atonement for our sins.  Almost all of us understand, to some degree, the theological implications of that Friday.  We have a sense of the injustice, of the punishment, of the abandonment, of the sacrifice, of the atonement that occurred on that day.  We understand the broad meaning of the day, but few of us have studied the details of that day. 

In this message we will be examining the details of that last Friday of Jesus’ life.  Through the lenses of Scripture, geography, history, and theology we will look at His movements, His actions, the actions of others, and the significance of that Friday for our faith. 

Pastor Lesly

First Church