The Body Of Christ

On April 22, 1889 a shot rang out and thousands flooded the prairie landscape with a dream in their hearts and a stake in their hands.  Those dreams would lead to the settling of a new frontier in our country and those stakes would lead to new farms, homesteads, and businesses.  In just a few hours, Oklahoma City was born out of the prairie grasses along a river bed.  And then, just a few days later a church was formed.  On Sunday, April 28 a call went out for all the Methodists to meet at a location on the north side of town, now called Dean A. McGee Avenue, directly across the street south of our church’s current location.  On the second Sunday the Methodists separated into their denominational preferences, on June 23 First Church was chartered as the First Methodist Episcopal Church, in August land on the corner of 4th and Robinson was purchased, and on October 27, 1889 our first church building was dedicated.  For the next 130 years a Methodist church and ministry has emanated from this corner.

So, what do these last 130 years of ministry teach us about what the next 130 years of ministry might look like?  What lessons have been learned from our church that will sustain and strengthen us into the future?  What practices of the Christian faith nourished our predecessors and can help nurture and grow our faith and life together today?

This Sunday we will be celebrating First Church’s 130th anniversary.  We will be peering into our past so we might be able to get a glimpse into our future.  We will look at some fascinating stories and lessons from the earliest days of First Church so we can be better prepared for our bright future.  We hope you will join us for worship this Sunday at 10:45 am at First Church as we celebrate together 130 years of dynamic ministry in Oklahoma City!

Pastor Lesly

First Church