Jesus Uncensored: Not My Will, But Yours Be Done

I've determined that raising small children is simply a test of wills.  I can remember thinking to myself when our children were young that their wills would never be overcome.   Children have such strong wills.  They seem so intent on getting their way.  Tears, screams, fits.   They are all used to get their way.  And then they become teenagers and young adults and little changes, except their strategies change.  And then I look at my own relationship with God and realize I use the same tactics to get my way.  Manipulation, acts of self-preservation, and spiritual tantrums are all schemes we use to get our way with God.

Not my will, but Thy will be done.  This is the most difficult, yet highest prayer we can pray.  It's the prayer Jesus prayed in the garden the night of His arrest.  He asked for God to spare Him the suffering about to befall Him, but quickly turned to that ultimate prayer of setting aside His own desires for God's desires.  And then something amazing happened as the gospel writers describe it, an angel appeared and strengthened Him.  That's an important truth.  When we surrender to God's will the Holy Spirit will strengthen us to follow God's will. 

This Sunday at First Church OKC we will conclude our series entitled "Jesus Uncensored" as we examine this ultimate prayer of Jesus'.  We will take a close look at the meaning of God's will and a practical process for determining God's will in our own lives, especially as it relates to major decisions in our lives.  You won't want to miss this important message and worship service.  I hope to see each of you in worship this Sunday at 10:45 am at Oklahoma City First United Methodist Church. 

Pastor Lesly

First Church