Roots: Jacob Wrestles With God

Faith is not easy. Anyone who says faith comes easy is either new to faith or hasn’t really understood the depth of faith. Faith is not easy, it’s often a struggle. To be sure it’s a struggle with doubt and despair, disappointment and pain. But it’s also a struggle with God. A struggle to understand God. A struggle to know God. A struggle to follow God. Faith is a struggle.

And we aren’t the only ones to admit the struggle of faith. For Jacob the struggle was real. The Bible tells how Jacob wrestled with God, literally. As I read that story, I have many questions, but the story teaches us a number of truths about faith that can impact our own relationship with God.

This Sunday at First Church we will continue our sermon series “Roots: Back to Our Beginnings” as we examine the story of Jacob wrestling with God. In this story we will discover the value of wrestling with God, the importance of difficulties in life, and how real change takes place when we struggle with our faith. I hope to see each of you in worship this Sunday at OKC First Church!

Pastor Lesly

First Church