Roots: Joseph the Slave

Roots:  Joseph the Slave

Joseph often gets a bad rap. People believe he’s a bit arrogant and seems to relish being the favorite child, but as you read the story in the Bible, I am not sure that’s an accurate portrayal of his personality.  I think this misreading of Joseph’s life is caused by us projecting our stories into his story.  Everyone detests the sibling that acts like the favorite child in the family. However, when you read the rest of his story no one can question the depth of Joseph’s trials and tribulations.  They are clear and accurate.  Sold as a slave.  Believed dead by his father and mother.  Falsely accused of sexual assault.  Left in prison for two years.  Forgotten by a confidant in prison.  These events were at the lowest point of Joseph’s life.  
Indeed, probably none of us have been falsely imprisoned, believed dead by our parents, or sold into slavery, but we have certainly experienced low points in our lives.  Divorces, deaths of loved ones, broken relationships, career upheavals, habits that have turned into addictions, dreams that have gone unmet.  These are the low points of despair and pain in our lives.  So, what does the story of Joseph teach us about those difficult times in our lives?
 Pastor Lesly

First Church