Roots: The Forgiveness of a Brother

Of all the directives and instructions of Jesus one stands above all the others. It is second in importance only to the command of love, but it is first in the difference it makes in our relationships with others. It has the power to destroy marriages, sour friendships, bankrupt companies, topple nations. No, it is not adultery, or lying, or gossiping, or stealing. I am talking about forgiveness.

Forgiveness was the virtue most lived out by Joseph. Indeed, throughout his life Joseph demonstrated many other qualities like faith, trust, humility, and patience, but in the end forgiveness is what set him apart.

This Sunday at OKC First Church we will conclude our sermon series “Roots: Back to Our Beginnings” as we examine the forgiveness of Joseph. We will explore the depth of Joseph’s forgiveness, how forgiving his brothers changed his family forever, and how the power of forgiveness can extend to generations in our own lives. I hope to see each of you in worship this Sunday at 10:45 at OKC First Church for this very important message of hope and inspiration.

Pastor Lesly

First Church